Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Last pictures of Janusz Korczaks Dom Sierot at Sienna 16

The very last view of 16 Sienna street. The building scene of PeKIn in Warszawa.  The house at 16 Sienna str survived WWII. The building at 16 Sienna Street/9 Śliska str is the one from where the deportation of "Korczak and Children" to Umschlagsplatz and thereafter to to the death camp Treblinka took place on August 5th 1942.  The 16 Sienna house was demolished first in 1952-53. The church and PAST building that were in much worse condition survived "stalinization" of Warsaw.

Building scene of the Palace of Culture and Science (Polish: Pałac Kultury i Nauki, also abbreviated PeKiN) in Warsaw is the tallest building in Poland and the eight htallest building in the European Union. It is 231 metres (758 ft) tall, which includes a 43-metre high spire.

The building was conceived as a "gift from the Soviet people to the Polish nation", and was completed in 1955.
The building was originally known as the Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki imienia Józefa Stalina), but in the wake of destalinization the dedication to Stalin was revoked. Stalin's name was removed from the interior lobby and one of the building's sculptures.