Monday, April 21, 2014

Hoser´s Enemy - from (one) Priest to entire congregation in Jasienica

Archbishop Hoser closed the church in Jasienica, near Warsaw, just before Easter. Parishioners are allowed by Hoser to have Easter mass outside the church in the rain. 

Priest Wojciech Lemanski was loved by his congregation but loathed by the archbishop Hoser. Archbishop Hoser saw Lemanski as his and entire Polish church's No. 1 enemy.
Archbishop Hoser almost "killed" Lemanski. However, Lemanskis former congregation in Jasienica tog over Hosers hate! For him they are rebels and rebels should be punished!
So, one enemy become thousands. Now, thousands of new enemies. 
Archbishop Hoser punished them by closing their own church in Jasienica. He "let them", however, to be outside!
Now, entire Jasienica is a symbol of Polish Change.
Father Wojciech Lemanski, who has been banned from saying mass at the Jasienica church was today among his former parishioners. They do not feel, however, as former!

Today, more than 1000 persons from Jasienica signed the letter to Pope Francis, thus omitting archbishop Hoser.

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O prawo do głosu ks. Lemańskiego