Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum at famous children hospital where Janusz Korczak worked as a young doctor

The hospital buildings prior to WWII (Top left), after WWII (1946), after rebuilding in mid-fifties (right).
Poland will build a museum dedicated to the life and death in the infamous World War II-era Warsaw Ghetto.

The museum will be located in a former children’s hospital named after two families: Berson and Bauman.

This hospital was founded during the years 1876-1878 thanks to the money and efforts of two families: Majer and Chaja Berson and Salomon and Paulina Bauman. In 1873, they bought the property between Śliska and Sienna streets.

Henryk Goldszmit (Janusz Korczak) worked there as a young doctor.