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Treblinka station after WWII and ‎"Leerzug zurück" 1942-2012 - 70 years ago Warszawa Ghetto - Treblinka and empty back!

‎"Leerzug zurück" 1942-2012 - 70 years ago

Railway documents like this Fahrplananordnung Nr. 548, dealing with the deportation of Jews from Warsaw are unfortunately extremely rare. For the period of the Grossaktion that started on July 22, 1942 there is this schedule relating to train departures from the Umschlagsplatz in Warszawa to the death camp Treblinka.

It was issued on August 3, 1942, by the General Management of the Eastern Railway in Kraków and reads:

"From August 6, 1942, until further notice, a special train with resetlers is running from Warsaw Danz BF [Danzig railway station] to Treblinka and running empty back [Leerzug zurück] as follows:

The departure of one train per day was scheduled:
"1/. P Kr 9085 / 9.30 / Warsaw Danz Bf - Małkinia - Treblinka," with departure at 12:25 PM, arrival at 4:20 PM, and return
"2/. Ln Kr 9086 / 11.30 / Treblinka - Małkinia - Warsaw Danz Bf" with departure at 7:00 PM and arrival at 11:19 PM.[820].

58 type 1G boxcars + 2 boxcars of type 1C (cattle cars with breakcabin) were used.

58 normal cattle wagons (58 G ) and 2 cattle wagons with breakcabins (1 C and 1 C) used by armed SS-soldiers of this type shown above were going on daaily basis between Warszawa Ghetto and Treblinka (see Wagenzug bestehende aus 1C 58G 1C).
Treblinka station after WWII. Please notice that Treblinka station was outside the death camp Treblinka. Trains with Jews were divided here, often in 3 or 4 parts and by using small locomotive pushed to the death camp. During the time of train return to Treblinka from the death camp, the people were gassed and when new set of wagons entered Treblinka death camp, the peoples from the former train set were already murdered and removed from gas chambers.
Tracks on Treblinka station after WWII. Observe on the bottom right track to Treblinka II death camp

Warszawa - Malkinia - Treblinka - Treblinka death camp

Timetable from Warschau Danz Bf (Umschlagplatz) to Treblinka. ‎"Leerzug zurück" - Empty back are used in the above timetable.