Friday, March 3, 2017

An empty Korczaks Orphanage during WWI and during WWII

Terrible emptiness and lack of Him The Only, Only one. I was just a child and at that tim I had feelings like a child

The story above is by the former pupil at Korczaks Orphanage Leonia Lengier Asz (Leonka Asz). The three pages she wrote  were aimed for the Korczaks Orphanage Weekly that started long time before the war (August 8, 1913) and was continued in the ghetto. She remembers the time when Korczak left the Orphanage in 1914 (WWI) with days of November 26-27, 1940 (WWII) when she as a grown up visited the Orphanage at the new address at 33 Chlodna str in the ghetto. At that time, Gestapo threw Janusz Korczak into the brutal Pawiak prison for several months and the Orphanage in the new building at 33 Chlodna str was run by Pani Stefa (Stefa Wilczynska).

During World War I, in 1914 Korczak became a military doctor with the rank of Lieutenant. He served again as a military doctor in the Polish Army with the rank of Major during the Polish-Soviet War.

Earlier, Korczak was drafted to the Russian army during Russian-Japanese war 1905-1906.