Monday, September 26, 2016

Память Народа - Wrocław: 2016 European Capital of Culture - EUs Kulturhuvudstad 2016

Lägg till bildtextThe shadows visible on this photograph will give us the final information about the name of the street outside the wall. I think that it is Sztabowa street at approx. 2 PM.

I am working on my lecture (October, 6 in Gothenburg) about the Old Jewish Cemetery in Wrocław - Breslau, Poland there the first burial took place on November 17th 1856.
During World War II, the cemetery became a fierce battleground, the marks of which are visible on many tombstones.
Today, I found this Russian picture from the Spring 1945. It is most probably taken from the present Sztabowa street. Behind the opening in the cemetery WWll one can see the cemetery.
The information in Russian is:
Do not pass through
Front line ahead.