Sunday, December 25, 2016

Korczaks Różyczka in September 1939 and 1944

Różyczka summer camp surroundings in mid September 1939. Picture taken by German soldiers from the church tower.

The same area photographed on September 10th 1944. Różyczka summer camp is on the front, left and the ruined church on the right. My father was among these soldiers. The new frontline was established at Klasztorna street. The yellow square on the map marks the area of the Różyczka summer camp.

Klasztorna (Convent street) - here running vertically and the Convent building is 280 meters (approx. 300 yards) south from Klasztorna (street. The Convent building at top right and its towers are seen as long shadows. Rózyczka summer camp houses. are within marked area.

Today this area is fully occupied by houses build in 60-ties and only the names of streets like Old Doctor Str. and King Matt I, are witnessing about former summer camp.