Sunday, January 15, 2017

Miss Judea at Korczaks Dom Sierot

Polish minister visits Dom Sierot in May 1930

Polish ministers were often visiting Dom Sierot. In 1932, on the 20th anniversary of Dom Sierot there was again such a visit. Among others there was a very good looking 21 y old women. Children gave her flowers. Who was she? She was Poland's "Miss Judea" - Zofja Ołdak (Zofja Ołdakówna).

Zofja Ołdak as Miss Judea was visiting institutions, shops etc and also the Jewish Council in Warsaw. Her appearance at 26 Grzybowska was used in the political fights between two Jewish parties, Mizrachi and Aguda.

"Judyta" - Zofia Ołdak

...Noteworthy was the coronation of Poland's "Miss Judea", which caused a
bit of controversy within and without the Jewish community. On
February 3rd the editors of Warsaw's Jewish daily newspaper Nasz
Przeglad announced the upcoming beauty pageant to find Poland's most
beautiful Jewess. The ideal candidate would embody, so the newspaper
declared, the "characteristic features of the Polish Jewish female

Over the course of six weeks 131 women entered the competition,
of whom eleven made it into the finals. Only one blonde bright-eyed
contestant was found among the finalists - miss Roma Gliksman. In an
interview before the final judging at hotel Polonia started, miss
Gliksman expressed her feeling of disadvantage on account of her
apparent physical shortcomings. The winner of the pageant was 19 year
old miss Zofja Ołdakównę, who applied under the pseudonym Judyta. She
was described by the jury as bearing the perfect physical hallmarks of
the "Jewish race" and noted for her "Sephardi looks." However, in a
poll the newspaper ran among its readers Oldakówna was only ranked in
the sixth place, with only 10,205 votes in her favor. The readers, who
were instructed to choose the candidate best delineating ethnic Jewish
beauty, favored miss Marja Łobzowska.