Thursday, January 12, 2017

Szlomo, Shlomo Nadel remembers skating at Dom Sierot together with Janusz Korczak

My father told me as well about ice skating at Dom Sierot together with Korczak but I forgot it! My father, Pan Misza, was a great skater as he was born in Pinsk a place with a lot of waters around. My father had this type of skates. My father was figure skating making circles and figure eights. He was skating with all his grandchildren in Stockholm when he was 80 y old.

Szlomo, Shlomo Nadel remembers skating at Dom Sierot: Skating was my favourite pastime during the winter months. When the time came, we took out the skates that had been waiting patiently in the storeroom, and went out to skate with Dr. Korczak himself, who also greatly enjoyed skating. Just like all of us, he also found himself falling on his behind, getting up and then falling again, joining the chorus of children laughing at his skating shortcomings. I loved situations such as these, when all the barriers were down and the childlike qualities in the doctor were revealed.

From the book "Taking Root: My life as a child of Janusz Korczak—the father of children’s rights—The biography of Shlomo Nadel" (Le-hatsmia .h shorashim : zikhronota .v shel Shelomoh Nadel
.hanikho shel .Kor.tsha.k. ) by Lea Lipiner, 2011,