Thursday, June 8, 2017

False way to do it Museum Polin, again! Why is Museum Polin manipulating the history of Warsaw Jews?

And that's fucking bullshit, indeed (as one of my female friends commented it).

The Wonder Woman in IDF can be soon seen in the movies - here she is as soldier in IDF (Israeli Army).
In Museum Polin it is likely that they want to give us recent story of Warsaw Jews as sketches.

Using sketches one is of course making great peoples as small figures and small peoples, great. I dislike sketches!

False way to do it Museum Polin, again!

How different is Czeslaw Milosz description about the events outside the ghetto walls and the picture presented in the movie produced by Museum Polin. Lonely and sad merry-go-round as Museum presented it or numerous happy peoples celebrating Eastern as shown on the photography on the right and described by poet Milosz that was there! Peoples near the swings and merry-go-round were in a jolly and playful mood.

Nobel prize-winning Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz, who died year 2004 at age 93, was wrote in his most famous poems, "Campo dei Fiori," (written in 1943) how Poles outside the Warsaw Ghetto were oblivious to the fate of the Jews as the Nazis destroyed the ghetto.

In this particular poem, he evoked the unforgettable image of a merry-go-round just outside the ghetto walls happily spinning as the ghetto itself went up in flames

"The salvoes behind the ghetto walls
were drowned in lively tunes,
and vapors freely rose
into the tranquil sky.

Sometimes the wind from burning houses
would bring the kites along,
and people on the merry-go-round
caught the flying charred bits.

This wind from burning houses
blew open the girls' skirts,
and the happy throngs laughed
on a beautiful Warsaw Sunday

From Cz. Miłosz's poem Campo di Fiori