Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Estranged in January 1943 - Estranged in April 1943 - Estranged in March 1968 - 75 years since Warszawa Ghetto Uprise and 50 years since "the Last Jewish Emigration" left Poland

Mordechaj Anielewicz, the leader of uprise in the middle of the Ghetto Fighters monument in Warsaw

Estranged 75 years ago

The Z.O.B - Jewish Fighting Organization led by 23-year-old Mordechaj Anielewicz, issued a proclamation calling for the Jewish people to resist going to the cattle cars at Umschlagplatz. 

In January 1943, Warsaw ghetto fighters fired upon German troops as they tried to round up another group of ghetto inhabitants for deportation. Fighters used a small supply of weapons that had been smuggled into the ghetto. After a few days, the troops retreated. This very small victory inspired the ghetto fighters to prepare for future resistance.

Museum Polin seems to be fully focussed on project 
Estranged (adjective or verb?). There is probably therefore there is no info about year 1943 and what happened during the Warsaw Ghetto (armed Jewish Uprising). All this although the Museum Polin building is in the middle of the area of the former Warsaw Ghetto. Stola (director) & Co. seems to ignore totally that year 2018 it is also the 75 anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprise, an such so important occurrence in the history of Jewish resistance. Now, it is almost fully neglected.

Estranged seems to take all the time and the funds and it is likely that the group that is working with the project are estranged both as adjective and verb but decided not to leave the Poland together with the Last Jewish emigration. Now it is a time to establish the new generation of Jewish-Polish heroes.

Estranged 50 years ago

Museum Polin seems to be fully concentrated on the program entitled Estranged. March ’68 and Its Aftermath that addresses to the events which took place 25 years after the Warszawa Ghetto Uprise. Obcy - Estranged.
The biggest expulsion of Jews from Poland took place year 1946 in the aftermath of Kielce pogrom. I use the verb expelled, for there is no big difference between forced emigration and expulsion. The next 
expulsion was in 1956 and the final expulsion in 1968-1969. The number of Jews that left Poland in the final expulsion was 10 times smaller than the first one and about 1/3 of the 1956 expulsion.
The proper day/year of remembering of the last Jewish emigration in 1968/1969 should be 1967 (or 1966).

It is likely that in mid-1960s it was the start in fighting down of new invented Jewish anti-Polish conspiracy.  Polish regime’s reaction started in the Polish Military where numerous high ranking officers and generals were removed from their positions. This movement continued in the half silence until Six-Day War and thereafter more openly after the student demonstrations in March 1968. 

This new invented Jewish anti-Polish conspiracy of mid-1960s was after June 1967 characterized, crystalized by describing Polish Jews as a duplicitous minority, thus working in the interests of World Zionism. Duplicitous minority means Estranged, foreign exactly what Polish Jews were called by party officials during 60s and it is what Museum Polin is also using. Pure, also governmental, antisemitism.
660 meters and just 25 years between these two Estranged pictures.