Saturday, September 22, 2018

Director Korczak and Mr. X. in the Warsaw Ghetto prior the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur 1941.

33 Chlodna street in Warsaw prior WWII
Who was Mr. X. in the Warsaw Ghetto ?

Was Mr. X. the member of ZSS ** or Centos (the Central Organization for Orphan Care) or The Jewish Council (Judenrat) or ZTOS (Zydowskie Towarzystwo Opieki Spolecznej, Jewish Mutual Aid Society sponsored by JOINT)?
It is likely that "Mr.X" was a powerful person in the Warsaw Ghetto and that Korczak disliked him.

Below, the letter (*), dated August 29th, 1941, in English:

Dear Mr. Zylberberg,

For many reasons, we would like services to be held here on the High Holydays (1
). Various people have suggested that what should be solemn might turn out quite differently.

If Mr. X. cannot raise a small sum for the Orphanage, how can we trust him to organize the more important details?

The attitude of the staff is clear - the director (2
) himself must decide. This imposes a great responsibility on me; I must do the job meticulously. The final decision is mine.

Yours sincerely

(1) High Holydays - Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).
(2) Director, here Korczak himself
(*) there is no address on the letter just two Polish words "w miejscu" (at the spot) as the Orphanage and Mr. Zylberberg were housed in the same building at 33 Chlodna street.
(**) It is possible that Mr. X was working for the ZSS. In Yad Vashem Archives and Oneg Shabat archives, there are several documents concerning Korczak Orphanage and ZSS. ZSS was Jewish Self Aid organization (pol. Zydowska Samopomoc Spoleczna [ZSS]; in German: Juedische Soziale Selbshilfe) was set up by the German authorities.

Korczak Orphanage and ZSS. ZSS was Jewish Self Aid organization (pol. Zydowska Samopomoc Spoleczna ZSS) and Korczaks Orphanage was administrated financially by ZSS. The picture is left top of the corner of the Invitation to "the last performance in the Warsaw Ghetto" - the play Post by Tagore that was performed on July 18th at the Sienna 16 building.