Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Korczak loved Peretz poetry and especially the poem/song ברידער

Korczak loved I. L.Peretz poetry and especially the poem/song ברידער Brothers
After the lecture by Michal Zylberberg that he delivered at Orphans Home at 33 Chlodna str
Korczak wanted this song to be taught to all the orphanage children and should become a theme song for all the young people in the Warsaw Ghetto. This, in fact, is actually what happened in the following months.

White, Brown, Black, Yellow –
mix the colors all together!
All people are brothers,
From the same father, from the same mother!

And one god has created them all,
and one homeland: the world –
all people are brothers,
that is absolutely certain!

All people are brothers
Black, White, Brown, Yellow…
only the colors are different –
but their Nature is the same!

Everywhere the same bluster,
I’ve heard it thousands of times!
And from talking to bearing (fruit)—
It’s (as distant as) heaven to earth!

All human beings are “brothers”:
Yellow, Brown, Black, White…
nations, races, and climates –
it’s all an Enlightenment fiction!

Everywhere the same mussar,
everywhere the same lie –
the whole world with their mouth,
the politician with their silence!

All people are brothers!
And they amuse themselves with frivolities,
Their souls are (as) little worms –
in pinecone snuff.

Thanks to Aharon N. Varady