Monday, January 2, 2012

Korczak Orphanage in Warsaw

Korczak’s Orphanage was build at Krochmalna 92 (street) year 1912.

In late 1940 (Novemeber 29th) the Orphanage was definitely moved to "ghetto area" and temporarily located on  33 Chłodna street, thus after expulsion from its previous location on Krochmalna 92.

Chłodna street with a tram with David Star.   Here at  Żelaza street was later a gate for the passage between Big and Little Ghetto. Along  Chłodna street there was a ghettowall making  Chłodna street to an aryan street.
Subsequently, when that section of Chlodna Street was exluded from the ghetto, he transferred his establishment to 16 Sienna Street from where the deportation to Treblinka took place on August 5th 1942.