Monday, June 15, 2015

To the Honorable Mr. Krupka - a letter from Janusz Korczak

מכתב של ינוש קורצ'ק (Janusz Korczak) מ - 28/6/1940. הוא ממוען אל האדון הנכבד קרופקה (Krupka) וראש הכפר ואוורה (Wawra), ומתייחס כנראה לאירוע שקרה באחד ממחנות הקיץ שאליו נסעו חניכי בית היתומים שניהל קורצ'ק. לשונו: חברת "עזרה ליתומים" בוורשה (Warszawa) רחוב קרוכמלנה (יקטורובסקה - Krochmalna - 62) ...

The letter from Janusz Korczak to The Honorable Mr. Krupka, the Mayor of the village of Wawer.

Korczak is enclosing some of his books. It is evident that the letter is written in Rózyczka and send to Stanislaw Krupka by the messengers, thus as Korczaks ask Krupka if he might visit him in his private home in the evening (instead of his office). Handwriting below relates to an event of stolen bicycle and mandoline that occurred at the Rózyczka the summer camp.

Thanks to Stanislaw Krupka, the children from the orphanages and Korczak managed to travel from Warsaw to Goclawek during Summer 1940. After they returned they were forced to leave 92 Krochmalna (street) and move to the Warszawa Ghetto.

"Pomoc Dla Sierot" [Orphans Aid] Society in Warsaw
92 Krochmalna Street
tel: 24 - 01
The Management

Dear Sir,
In stead of business card, I am allowing myself to attach a number of books I have written. A discussion in an office of the community embarrasses me. Would You be so good to agree to visit You at your private home? At what time today? 

Very truly yours,
Dr. H. Goldszmit [Korczak's actual name]

Below this in K's handwriting: 
I inform you (at this point in a private manner) that on the night between Friday and Saturday a bicycle was stolen (insulting damage) and a mandolin.

The copy of the letter is at Wawer municipal house in Poland, Ghetto Fighters House in Israel, Warszawa Museum - Korczakianum in Warszawa.