Monday, December 12, 2016

Jewish Congregation in Stockholm. Misunderstanding of the Holocaust or How to make more money out of Holocaust?

Was the Jewish Congregation in Stockholm misunderstanding the size of the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors? Their problems and their needs? Why the Congregation is using the verb omkommit, in Swedish it the verb use like to perish in an motor accident. They were murdered, killed!

Why the Congregation is using the verb omkommit, in Swedish it the verb use like tperish in an motor accident. They were murdered, killed!

Here is the history of the the Swedish Jews and other "chuchems" from Jewish Congregation in Stockholm that thought that Holocaust survivors including Holocaust children that came to Sweden with "Kinder transports" had maximum 3 persons to remember. In the official letter from the Jewish Congregation from 1994 they offer to remember" three persons as an example (see above) but also giving the possibility for up to five"
For this, the relatives to the victims murdered in Holocaust should pay to Jewish Congregation 100 USD for bronze memorial plaques and for 4 USD for each letter. So the total cost of family (means of three persons) with places of birth etc. would cost 120 USD per victim (3x120=360 USD). Totally with the name of the relative in Stockholm that remembered them = Holocaust survivor (with not to long name) 100 USD. Total cost per plaque 560 USD. Prices to be paid were given in Swedish Crowns (se above) 24 kronor per letter and 625 kronor for each plaque. 560 USD in 1994 was about how much Holocaust survivor was getting as retirement pension.

Jewish Congregation in Stockholm took part of my idea to have place of birth and place of death next to each victim. However, just a part of my idea,.... My idea was that the Memorial should contain the personal data of those remembered. This information will show that Jews, born in places spread over all Europe, children, young, adult and elderly, all died or were killed in places like Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen, different ghettos and what is very common "unknown places", OKÄNT in Swedish. Typical plate from Polish Jews that survived Holocaust is here that of family Mlynek.  Here they have just 4 lines and no names of the persons providing the names, the Holocaust survivors. At Stanislawa Mlynek name it is therefore clearly stated that she is unknown (OKÄNT)!

However, I know, that Stanislawa Mlynek was born 1925 and murdered 1942 in Treblinka. I know that the Holocaust survivor Benjamin Mlynek provided 13 names to Holocaust Monument in Stockholm. Here he could just afford 4 names and not undersign it! He died 1997.

Benjamin Mlynek, the Holocaust survivor from Poland that come to Sweden in late sixties had just the money for 4 rows. Rest of his family and his own hame as provider of the information are omitted. I know, how difficult it was to choose and how difficult it was to ommit the closest family members.
Mlynek had no money to put the place of birth of his parents. His father was, however born in Ciechanów and his mother in Lodz. Mlynek Stanislawa and Sara listed above were born 1925 in Warszawa and his uncle Herman (actually Hersz, Chaim) was born in Ciechanów. 
On the Namemonument 14 rows are filled by Benjamin Mlynek.

Holocaust Monument in Stockholm by Swedish Keren Kajemet. The year was 1984. There is not a single word mentioning Holocaust or murdered Jews. The word hädangångna - means died and is used in Kaddish prayer.