Thursday, December 15, 2016

My mother-in-law Maria Pereswiet-Soltan, born Kalisz from Łódź died today - Thanks to her the Holocaust Monument - Namnmonumentet was build in Stockholm

My mother-in-law Maria Pereswiet-Soltan died today at age of 99 years.

The idea of present Holocaust Memorial in Stockholm arose when my mother-in-law Maria Soltan, born Kalisz (from Łódź) traveled to Poland in the autumn of 1993 in order to visit the graves of her family members who died or were murdered during World War II. The graves were no longer there! She walked very sad around the graveyard. A caretaker of the cemetery suggested that memorial plaques be engraved "instead" on the cemetery wall close to the entrance to the cemetery.

Within the family, we considered this particular idea. I asked my mother-in-law about the names, number of persons. Every time we discussed it, the number of relatives to remember was increasing. First, there were just adults! I asked her about the children, she answered: they were many, but they were just children... and now I do not remember their names!

Maria was the member of Föreningen Förintelsens Minne - Swedish Holocaust Memorial Association (SHMA) and wrote to Swedish newspapers that "Swedish Jews" and Jewish Council in Stockholm are doing everything to stop planned Holocaust Memorial in Stockholm.

Maria Pereswiet-Soltan, born Kalisz from Łódź during mid-thirties in Poland.