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Korczaks The Little Review starts with the article entitled Parliamentt

The Little Review - nr. 1, October 9, 1926

Janusz Korczaks The Little Review (Maly Przeglad) starts on October 9th, 1926 with an article entitled "Z SEJMU" - From the Parliament. However, normally it is very little written in his newspaper about the present happanings and affairs in Poland and abroad. 

Very seldom, the texts in The Little Review are devoted to national anniversaries or special events like the New Constitution or the death of head of Poland. Below is an example when Marshal Pilsudski died. The story about him occupy the space normaly used for children letters and articles written by the children corespondents.

The first page od The Little Review dedicated to the death of Józef Piłsudski. Piłsudski was a Polish statesman; he was Chief of State (1918–22), "First Marshal of Poland" (from 1920), and de facto leader (1926–35) of the Second Polish Republic, Minister of Military Affairs. He died on May 12th 1935.
From the Parliament article, written by Korczak reminds of the novel King Matt the First (Polish: Król Maciuś Pierwszy) It is the story of a young king's adventures, it describes many social reforms, particularly targeting children, some of which Korczak enacted in his own orphanage. The yong King Matt struggles to introduce reforms in his country with great difficulties as he is surrounded by adult ministers and advisers.

King Matt, after his fathers death was surrounded by adult ministers and advisers
Korczak wrote in The Little Review:
There is a lot in papers about the Parliament: “It was said in the Parliament.” “An MP said in the Parliament.” “There was a vote.” “A minister spoke in the Parliament.” These articles are long and boring. What’s worse, they’re full of incomprehensible words. Although the smartest people in every newsroom always write about the Parliament, it would be better to replace these articles with news about various events and interesting things happening in the world. I would also like to start with something else, but there is no way around it — until we come up with our own paper, we have to imitate the grown-ups. In all papers, there are introductory articles and so we also have to have an introductory article. And later we’ll see what we’ll do. 
The Parliament is located somewhere in the district of Mokotów, and I live in Wola, so I don’t really know what goes on there. But maybe I can manage somehow. And if it turns out that there have to be introductory articles about the Parliament in the Little Review, too, then maybe we’ll do it that way. 
Members of Parliament do have children. Let the dad write for the grown-ups, and the MP’s son will write for us. Or perhaps the editor can read the grown-up papers, and then write it again for children, in a way they’ll understand. After all, a little knowledge won’t hurt....

...President Mościcki has picked Piłsudski. There are many people in Poland who like Piłsudski a lot and they write that things will be better how. And those who don’t like him, write that “Mister” Piłsudski has been picked, and they’re mad. And what happens next, nobody knows.


(Korczak signed the article with the little k).