Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Holocaust Remembrance Day, forgotten already in Stockholm?

The Holocaust Remembrance Day 

The date of Holocaust Remembrance Day was chosen to be around April 19th. 
It is connected to armed resistance in the Warszawa Ghetto. 

The first sign of armed resistance flared up in January of 1943. At that time around 60,000 people still lived in the Ghetto. 300,000 were murdered during Summer 1942 when the Nazis began their annihilation of the Ghetto. In January armed Jewish resistance forced the enemy into retreat and a temporary abandonment of their aim. Much more organized attempt at extermination commenced on April 19th of the same year resulted in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

I remember it and so many others in Sweden. However, it seems that Stockholm Jewish Community Council is "not going to remember it"!